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New York Medical Billing Service

More and more physicians are looking for high quality medical billing services in New York. Part of the reason why is the continued increase in the elderly population. According to the World Health Organization, “Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%. In New York City, the number of residents ages 65 and over have increased by 26% in the last 10 years. This census analysis from the Center for an Urban Future reveals that nearly one in six New Yorkers is 65 years old and above.

New York Medical Billing Service

New York Medical Billing Service

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Medical billing and collections is also an important part of the whole medical and treatment process. Hiring medical billing professionals makes the lives of both medical professionals and their patients. While they focus on treating and getting treatment, medical billers in New York focus on organizing and arranging their payments with the insurance company.

Medical Billing Service in New York

Professional medical billers in New York work in the same way as with medical billers in other states. They work with a wide geographic range and different medical practices. Regardless of the size or the age of your medical practice, whether that is government owned or a private corporation, you will surely find a medical biller that suits you and your business’ needs.


In addition to getting ahead of the changes in healthcare reimbursements policies and laws, New York medical billers are also up to date with the latest technology and software in medical billing. These professional medical billers are highly trained to use any type of software that you are using or prefer to use. 

Medical Billing Services New York

Some of the many benefits doctors and physicians get from hiring medical billing service in New York include:

  • Continuous flow of steady revenue
  • Increased rate of claimed payments
  • Decreased rate of rejected or partially paid claims
  • Consistent tracking and follow-ups on unpaid and partially paid claims
  • Prompt payment posting
  • Customized medical billing reports and patient statements
  • Accurate coding and code audit

Working with Insurance Companies

As they are trained to deal with any type of software and medical practice, medical billers in New York are also trained to work with different insurance companies. Whatever company your patient is insured with, New York medical billers will surely be able to work with them in a highly professional way to ensure you are paid in a timely manner.